The Popular Moon Love Spell

Full moon love spells
Full moon love spells

The Popular Moon Love Spell How this Spell Works
This is a spell you can cast without ingredients. Just your own willpower and concentration.
The light of a full moon is a great source of inspiration that can bathe you with natural confidence and appeal.
Chant this Wiccan incantation to attract love on a Full Moon night. This is a spell without ingredients and a great ritual to fulfill any love wishes or desires.


Full Moon night
A place outside or a window facing the Moon

How to cast The Popular Moon Love Spell

Sit outside and look at the moon. Visualize her energy reaching to where you are and slowly bathing you.
Think about the person that you love for a minute.
Raise your arms and take a deep breath.
Release the air, slowly resting y
our hands on your lap. One hand on top of the other.
Say the following spell out loud
Keep breathing deeply as you think about him (or her). Relax and meditate absorbing the energies of the Moon. Feel her power and know that she will help you conquer your goal.
Once you feel empowered, go back inside.
Do this for a total of 3 consecutive nights.

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