Passion Fueling Love Spell

Passion Fueling Love Spell
Passion Fueling Love Spell

Passion Fueling Love Spell Some relationships are highly committed, but seem to be lacking in the bedroom. Whether it is a marriage that has lost its spark, or a boyfriend or girlfriend who is simply not as lustful as they once were…there is a free spell to refuel the passion and get your lover back in the bedroom! This spell does not require any ingredients, less for some time and focus. The place to do this spell is in the bedroom (or wherever else you’d like to make love). The position to do this spell in is laying down, on your back and staring at the ceiling. If you are doing this spell in the bedroom, you should be on the bed.

Casting of Passion Fueling Love Spell

Close your eyes and imagine you and your lover in a passionate, heated bedroom exchange. Picture the love making, thoroughly envisioning the experience for 3-5 minutes. Open your eyes and chant three times: “Let the passion flow between us as it breeds throughout this spot and bring this spot great passion and may the breeding never stop! ”Meditate for a few more moments, imagining the love making again to solidify the passion in the air and between the auras.

Easy Break Up Spell Some couples are simply not meant to be together, and it’s clear as day. These couples sometimes need a little help in splitting up, as to provide them both a better life. If the couple is not meant to be. There is no negative karma in casting a break up spell. To cast a simple break up spell yourself you will need a photo. Then you should tear the photo of the two of them apart, so the two people are separate). You will also need place you can dig two holes, or you need two flower pots with soil. Begin by digging two holes (or preparing two flower pots with soil with a hole in the center of each one).

Keep the two holes at least 3 feet apart. Place a photo into each hole (you can fold it if need be). Chant three times:

“With these burials I separate them, may they live as far away and forever fail to stem.” Cover the holes with soil and chant one time “So mote it be.” The spell is now complete and will contribute to creating separation energy between the two targets.

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