Simple Spell To Reunite with A lover

Simple Spell To Reunite with A lover
Simple Spell To Reunite with A lover

Simple Spell To Reunite with A lover. Put several candles on the table – one candle for each year that you’ve been having a love affair. If you’ve been together for less than a year, cut a candle in half with a magic knife and use one half. Take your family pictures and a pair of scissors that you should buy the same day you perform this ritual, and look through the window. You should see a waning moon in the sky, so choose the date for your ritual accordingly. Now say to the moon:

“The moon is growing smaller and so is my husband’s role in my life. He (your husband’s name) won’t leave me. She/He (your husband’s name) won’t fall out of love with me. He (your husband’s name) won’t stop caring about me. My relationship with him just won’t stand in the way of my relationship with my lover (your lover’s name). When one bond grows smaller, the other one will become stronger. As my husband (your husband’s name) gives me more freedom, my lover (your lover’s name) will be attracted to me more than ever. I’m substituting one relationship with the other and you, Moon, help me with it.

The Simple Spell To Reunite with A lover

”When you finish saying the spell, cut your pictures in half to separate you from your husband. Put the images of your husband into a bag and take it out. Put the bag in a garbage container located far from your house (to get there you should walk for least 20 minutes). Go back home, put out the candle (candles), and collect your images into a bag, and wait for a new moon.

There is a new moon in the sky, take several pictures of your lover – one picture for each piece of the picture you have with your image. Light the candle or candles again and put it or them in front of yourself. Use sticky tape to put the pieces together (apply sticky tape to the front side). Then put the pictures together in a pile, put both of your hands on them, and say:

Finally it’s happened. Now you can come to me because there is a vacant seat next to me. I (your name) have moved my husband away (your husband’s name) so you (your lover’s name) could always be near me.”

Usually it takes about a week for this spell to bring first results. If you broke up because of a serious fight, you may have to wait for up to three weeks. If your lover doesn’t come back to you within three weeks, use more radical measures, such as spells cast by a professional spellcaster.

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