Restore love Chant

Restore love Chant
Restore love Chant

Restore love Chant by the use of the mans organs. How do you store the man’s sperm to use it in a love ritual? If you have it in the condom, tie it up and put it in the fridge. Do not freeze it as low temperatures destroy the energy of sperm. If you have just one drop, soak it up with a tissue without spreading it over the tissue. Fold the tissue, wrap it in film, put it into a container, and close the container tightly.

Keep it in the refrigerator as well. However, this may influence the woman, provided she does not feel scared or disgusted when the sperm gets inside her body. Her positive emotions are what turns unprotected sex into an effective magic spell. Your boyfriend has some serious prostate problems. Is his sperm good enough to be used in a sperm love spell? The root cause of all diseases is problems.

How to Restore love Chant

In this case, your boyfriend’s prostate disease indicates some problems in his root energy center, that is, his first body. In this case it is rather difficult to put a love spell on the man. To begin with, you need to treat his malfunctioning c
before the love spell is cast. So I sugge
st that we do as follows: you order my comprehensive love spell and I cure your boyfriend’s energy illness along with its physical symptoms and then put a love spell on him.

As a matter of fact, this applies to all love spells to be put on sick men, no matter what the disease. First and foremost, the spellcaster needs to restore , then cure the physical disease, and then perform the required ritual. Otherwise, a love spell put on a sick person makes their condition worse turning into a curse.

Can a sperm love spell be put on an underage person? I never cast spells on underage people, making no exceptions. To find out why, please attach yourself to this articles.

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