Cupid love spell
Cupid love spell

Cupid love spell

Cupid love spell You will need the following items for this spell:

  • 1 pillow,
  • a love amet you feel drawn to and wear a lot,
  • Picture of the person,doves ink, paper,red rose bud,pink rose lavender marriage incense,
  • Humbird
  • Raspberry leaf
  • Salt
  • Black salt
  • fire of love oil or Adam and eve oil
  • Figure candle of a couple pink love candle swallows heart honey love incense
  • Pink Blue Sonata/Lavender attract herbal mix and hummbird oil.?

The first process of cupid love spell

The use of black salt and how to use it in this spell

Black salt is used for keeping evil forces bad people and negativity away so it will protect your spell and your twin flame from all harm.

  • Drop one single drop of your love oil into each candle.
  • Then anoint the male figure candle with hummingbird oil.
  • When a female rubs hummingbird oil on the man she loves he will not be able to escape or avoid her which empowers this spell so much more when focusing and concentrating on your twin flame if this spell is for him and you know for sure they are your twin flame (twin flame means your one and only true love and soul mate;the one).
  • Next, the hummbird oil on the picture of the intended (your partner or twin flame).Set the image a side for a moment.Take a piece of paper with doves blood ink and write the full name of the person you are doing this spell .

Then above the persons name to the left side draw a symbol that represents your love between you and that person (for example a firework,a heart,a dove,a star,).Then,Next to that symbol above the persons name draw the sign to represent eternity (this represents eternal love between you and your twin flame).Now place that piece of paper on top of the pillow.Then,in the center of that piece of paper place the image of the person you anointed with the hummbird oil.

Second process of the cupid love spell

Sprinkle some salt on top of this persons picture and on each candle to represent protecting them,healing,and cleansing their energy.If you feel it’s right you may do some smudging to also protect the person.Next you may also burn some love incense if you wish for more empowerment.Now relax,clear your mind,focus,and concentrate.Allow love light to surround you and your circle to fill your heart.Feel that love energy all around you and your twin flame.Feel the strength and power in the palm of your hands and hover your hands.Place your love amet around the persons picture on the pillow.Now,over the image of the person on the pillow and allow the love energy to pour through you and into that person .

With this spell I surround you now protecting you and filling your heart with love.With this pillow every time I touch this pillow you will feel me,hear me,smell me,and sense me.

Energy,and spirit surrounds you with me through this pillow.With this pillow I call upon your energy and spirit now.

The final

Energy presence spirit and embrace surrounds me.Open your eyes and you will see me.Allow my love to fill your heart mind,body,and soul.This spell will not fail.With harm to none,no force,and no call unto you twin flame true love divine.With the assistance,help,and guidance I call to the Cupid the gods of love.I bless you and this love that has descended from above.This is my will,so mote it be.” Then,allow for any incense to burn out completely.Relax,and allow love to fill your heart.Take it all in.Then when you feel the spell is complete blow out the candles in the same order you lite them.Blessed be.Now clean up your mess and sleep with the pillow every night,hold it whenever you miss the person,are apart,or want them to feel your energy.

This pillow will ease your heart from aching and help you feel more comfortable.

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