Binding Spell Using Hair

Binding Spell Using Hair
Binding Spell Using Hair

Binding Spell Using Hair. Of the many hundreds of different types of Wiccan binding love spells, probably one of the most commonly used is the hair binding. Hair is one of the most commonly accessible personal effects, and being a biological sample, is most certainly one of the strongest. Although a spell of this sort will always be strongest with a full lock of hair, it can be performed with as few is just a couple of strains collected from a brush or the cloth seat of a car.

Lock of hair (or as much of the hair of the person the spell is being cast on as possible)
(1) Lock of your hair
Red candle
(10 feet) of red or pink string
(1) Container or zip lock bag large enough to fit the candle

How to Cast the Binding Spell Using Hair

S1: Carve both names and dates of birth into the candle.
Step 2: Twist the two locks of hair together and press them against the candle with your thumb.
Step 3: Wrap the string around the hair and candle, holding it in place against the candle while you chant “I bind us together forever, in all of time and forever more” until the string has completely bound the locks of hair. Securing the string at the end from coming undone (you can tuck it under part of itself or you can tie it off, just make sure it is easy to come back undone for the rest of the spell at the end).

Step 4: Place the binding in the container and seal it.
Keep the binding spell somewhere safe until manifestation has occurred and you see the commitment you want, and then unbind the string, light the candle up and use the flame to carefully burn the locks of hair together. This will make it permanent. Do not unbind and burn the hair until you are satisfied with the effects of the binding spell. Be careful with the flame and burning.

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