Tips To Make Your Ex Come Back To You

Tips To Make Your Ex Come Back To You the first tip is that be sure that you want your ex in love be ready to change and resolve all that lead to breakup in the beginning of a breakup. In comment section I have been getting alot of questions saying ” I can really have your ex back ?” My answer to you all is yes but one should not results do vary from person to person. One should but in mind that results are not always consistent as various to different people .

The Tips To Make Your Ex Come Back To You

fresh lemon
A little piece of paper (pink if you have it)
A length of red yarn or ribbon
On the piece of paper, write your name and your ex’s name then slice open the lemon. Try to cut it evenly in half. Fold the paper so the names are touching, and sandwich is between the lemon pieces. Tie the red yarn around the lemon to hold it together. As you do all of this, visualize you getting your ex back and how happy that would make you.

Now put the little lemon bundle in the freezer (yes, the freezer) and tuck it in the back so nobody can see it. You can expect to see your ex back in your life in a month.

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