Communication love spell
Communication love spell

Tips to make him or her call you

  • bath to return a lover to you
  • Be Mine Bath

What better way to bring your lover back, than to soak in a wonderfully rose-scented bath? You will need the following supplies for this Bath.

A photograph of you and your lover together
1/2 cup calendula blossoms
1 cup pink rose petals
2 drops of chamomile essential oil
2 drops of rose attar
A few white or pink candles

Choose a good photo of the two of you, ideally during a very happy time you had together. Cut out any other people besides you two. If you have separate photos of each of you, you can cut them up and tape your images close together. No photos at all? Then this might not be the best spell for you.

Run a warm bath, and light your candles. The number of candles is unimportant since this is more for atmosphere anyway. Add the petals and oil to the water. If you don’t want to be picking wet flower petals off yourself later, you can wrap the flowers loosely in cheesecloth first. Tape the photo on the wall where you can clearly see it while lounging in the tub.

The Tips to make him or her call you

Soak in the bath as long as you can while watching the photo. Enjoy the warmth and scented water, and concentrate on the happy times with your loved one. Focus on bringing that back into your life.

After your bath, place the photo on your altar until he or she comes back to you.

This one isn’t really a complete spell, just an incense blend you can burn to help your lover return. Spells don’t have to be complicated, you know. All you need is ground cardamom, Dragon’s Blood resin and charcoal to burn it on. You will likely need to visit your local occult shop for the Dragon’s Blood.

Blend the cardamom and resin together, and sprinkle on a lit charcoal tablet. Let the smoke drift out the window to help draw your loved one back to you.

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