Marriage Tips For Women

Marriage Tips For Women we talk about the threat posed by rituals performed using menstrual blood. We suggest that our readers not just be extra careful with them but avoid them, especially since there are plenty of safer options available on our website.
If you want a menstrual blood spell to work on the man you love, one of the easiest ways is to add some of your menstrual blood into the food or drinks of this man. You can perform this ritual in order to:Get your ex-husband back;

Prevent/ stop your boyfriend/husband from cheating on you

Start a love affair with a married man;Win a man’s heart;Get a guy friend to help you with everything you need;Make your partner forgive you for cheating on him;Make a man want to have sex with you.

Make a man love you despite your physical or emotional unattractiveness.

This spell doesn’t require you to make any special preparations or even say any words. Just collect some of your menstrual blood and add a few drops into a dish before serving it to the man. Make sure he can’t see the blood in his food. The dish should be cooked and still a little warm when you add the blood, because high temperatures destroy the magic properties of blood, meaning your ritual won’t work. Marriage Tips For Women

Even though this spell doesn’t engage an evil creature, you still have to pay for an opportunity to be with the man you love. By giving him your blood, you allow him to take as much energy from you as possible. You basically turn him into an energy vampire who needs to be with you as his only source of energy. It means the man will stay with you as long as you have enough energy to share. Unfortunately, this will affect you and your quality of life.

Food to the heart love and control

For example, a lot of women report rapid weight gain after a menstrual blood love spell. It happens because they need to replenish their energy which they’re now sharing with the man by eating more. The more they eat, the more weight they gain. Besides, another negative heath effect of low energy levels is reproductive system disorders. This is a good reason to avoid such spells, isn’t it? Especially since you always have options. Just review the love spells described on our website and choose one that best meets your needs.

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