One meal to the persons heart

One meal to the persons heart

One meal to the persons heart as the grown ups always say. That the straight way to the persons heart is through food makes your body work repair itself brings unknowing happiness. And enjoy to you and the body all starts the moment you put the first bit of the food. That is why food is the is the perfect way to connect two hearts closer and more forever.

Food is the any way to the mans heart but that doesn’t work only to men if you want to win any body heart in a quick way just take him or her out for a nice meal but the best thing is to cook that by your self that is these days loving couples cook for their lovers their own hands cooked food that is the one secret why most lovers today their love never feds away. There is a lot to say about food but sometimes it might not work for you that is why you need to use this spell with my magical powerful that in just one any intention that you intended to will come true in just a while.

The casting of one meal to the persons heart

There are a lot of benefits with one meal to the persons heart. But you should note. Before casting this spell you should have clear intentions before giving you the magical ingredient to put in the food . This is not poisoning and before you give the person the food. You should be sure that the secret ingredient you have selected the person your aiming at isn’t allergic or dont eat . This works with your own cooked food. The secret ingredient can be put in the snacks ,drink , food even the Deseret. The secret ingredient can be salt ,vegetables,sugar ,water anything but with a ritual

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