The blue candle

Use of blue candles.

The blue candle is a voodoo spell  is designed for emotional, physical healing.With this spell,more people have to be present,the more the people.The stronger  that blue candles spell will be.This spell is especially good for healing emotionally maybe after the breakup,protection.It can also be used for those  looking for the love of their lives but have tried everything and it has failed.

This spell is not to stop someones will or wish unless it can do so if the persons will is negative or affects you in a bad way.It can be done repeatedly without negative consequences.

Procedures of how to perform the blue candle spell

  1. Get a piece of paper ,
  2. write the persons name,your name,your problems
  3. AND the way you want things to be like or become.
  4. Make the oval shape
  5. light the blue candles,in the middle put the white candles.
  6. Leave enough  space where your self  and another people you casting this spell with can sit.
  7. Allow the light to create into the ball and sit .

You and the another people around should  sit back and start meditating on the energy on the person you all desire to spell.All of you should say the following words.

“Candles of blue and white show me the power and truth of tomorrow.Reveal to be what has been hidden in our friends but in reality are our enemies.Reveal the truth to us and prevent us form fake love and relationships.Burn the paper using the blue candle which is lost finished,collect the hash of the paper and share it in the drinking tea or water.

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