Simple love spell to do at home


There are many love spells all over the internet but to find  the simple love spell it is actually not easy.Most of maam anisha strongest love spell all are accurate and simple,and most of them are to do home spells.Simple love spell to do at home is the easiest.

Increase someone feelings for you.

In love ,person can love you without wanting you and also a person can want you without wanting you  so in love or a relationship its better for someone to love you and want you at the same time.That will help to him or her to always have feeling for you.Simple love spell to do at home is here for you so that your partner increases feelings for you and love you even more.

How to cast increase feeling to do home spell

This spell looks like red rose spell but its not similar .Requirements needed for casting :

In your room or in the secret room,

  • write the name of your partner up and  your name
  • How want him to be or how much do you want him or her to express his or her feeling to you.NOTE if your partner lost his or her because of cheating ,write the name of the person he or she is cheating with and command your partner to leave him or her.
  • Kiss the red rose and put in under one of the candles

Burn the paper on flame of the candles while saying the above words.

“Using the power of simple love spell to do at home ,i command my partner ,say the name to increase his or her feelings towards mi and if he or she is cheating i command him or her to leave that person and come back to mi because he only belongs to mi.Get the ashes of the paper and mix them in the tea or water for seven days.


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