increase man hood spell

Increase man hood spell

With man luck of man hood it may include  luck of man power, small size of the penis, unable to satisfy a woman when having sex increase man hood spell is the answer to your questions. All these are some of the examples of less manhood hood face.They also some men who cant even have sex with their partners. All of these problems may have been caused by their childhood growth or adulthood .Increase manhood spell is here for you to solve all the above problems and you become the man you desire.

Simple techniques to easily last longer in bed,get harder erections and a bigger penis

  1. Your brain associates with sexual stimulation with pleasure and responds by ejaculation. You can re-program your brain to last longer during sex.
  2. During sex, men get carried away by the excitement and find themselves breathing rapidly.Program yourself to breath slowly ,deeply and purposefully.Its not easy to control your breath but by the use of increase manhood spell you will end up saying Bang” Bang” Bang…..Whoosh”
  3. Most men masturbate ,it is not that when a man masturbates with the use of my special spell increase manhood and does it frequently that is when it becomes a problem.

Ways of casting  increase man hood spell.

First and fore most you have to prevent yourself form doing the above mentioned things you do which lead to less man hood. Requirements needed when casting increase man hood spell include:


  • Take a warm bath a warm bath with any shoe of your choice
  • Gently rub the soap on your penis this will allow you to put you in motion
  • Mix eggs and the special herbs together.

After removing the soap ,think of someone you desire to have sex with.Rub the mixture of the herbs and eggs on your penis. Say the following words

  • As am here with the gods ,give mi the power of manhood and great sex in life .Command my penis size to be like how i desire it ,give mi my manpower so that i can satisfy the woman of life.


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