Pink candle love spell
Pink candle love spell

Pink candle love spell

Pink candle love spell if you’re hoping to attract your true love, make sure you conduct this ritual with a positive attitude, a pure intent and an open heart. You want to make yourself the perfect channel.
To begin, you will need a new, unused pink candle, a white piece of paper and a pen in your favorite color. Sit in a peaceful spot where you will not be disturbed by worldly distractions. Clear your mind from all thoughts of the day and let your mind be open and free from a
ll negativity. If you aren’t open to love, your spell will have no chance of working. Make sure that you remove all blocks from your mind, and then you will ready to begin the love spell ritual.

How to cast pink candle love spell

On a Friday night, light your pink candle.
Write your first name and the last name of your intended lover on a piece of white paper.
Draw one circle around both names.
Close your eyes and focus on the two of you together. Visualize the happiness you will feel and the love you will share together.
Repeat the following spell three times:

“Our fate is sealed we are one so mote it be it is done.”

Keep watch over your pink candle for at least 15 minutes or until it burns out, if possible. Always be sure that your candle is extinguished completely before leaving it unattended. You can snuff it out, but don’t blow it out.
You may wish to use a large pink candle and repeat the spell every night for seven consecutive nights.
More Pink Candle Spells for Romance
Sometimes you need to find just the right ritual to give your spell the best chance to work. Here are a few sites that offer more love spells you can try. Book of Shadows offers three variations of p
ink candle spells to attract love.

Significance of Pink candle love spell

In white magic spells, the vibrations of various candle colors can help your spell. urn out the way you want the color pink is associated with the goddess of love.

  • It is the symbol of love and friendship, and it raises positive vibrations.
  • If you cast a spell using a pink candle, you will attract the love and friendship of the person you desire.
  • Finding unconditional love,attracting spiritual love and for healing.
  • They are ideal for weddings and for all forms of emotional unions.

Your Chances of Finding Love.
No one can promise you anything, but how effective your spell can be has a lot to do with what you put into it. On the other hand. If you approach the ritual with sincerity and pour your heart into it you might be pleasantly surprised to find love come knocking on your door.

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