Chants to control lover
Chants to control lover

Chants to control lover

Chants to control lover by the use of the traditional way many spells have been used to have control of your lover but this is the best of all. Having control of your lover doesn’t necessarily mean putting someone on gun point or completely controlling his or her mind . Every person has got a right to fully use his mind to think and if your going against the laws of nature and traditional healing. This chant doesn’t have a limit it is casted only once with one lover then it does what you want unless when the chant is un done.

The importance of chants to control lover

How to cast chants to control lover

With this chant you can either make it through potion or put in the food or in the garden or hair . For women usually use the menstrual blood or the last drop poo. That all might seem so difficult and it doesn’t last long her is the way that is simple powerful effective in just 12 hours . As your reading you might be asking what is the way . Contact me for more information on this chant and how to do it don’t miss it is so magical .

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