under the pillow spell

Influencing a person through under the pillow spell. Is a wide spread magical operation.Its popularity can be explained by its simplicity.One of the most effective love spell is a spell put under the pillow.This spell doesn’t require special knowledge and many people can do it.All you have to do is to focus your thoughts ,feelings and desires.Under the pillow spell is the perfect choice for you.

To use a love spell using under the pillow

Using  the pillow of your loved one,write words on a pepper  and write words of how you want your loved one to treat you or to be ,as the power of the spell depends on it. put it in or under his pillow.This kind of spell you attach a person to you but it wont last for too long,as any spell implies forcing a person to do what he isn’t meant to do.Try to make sure that you put under the pillow love spell with good intentions and dont use it to break someones relationship or family.Never the less, people start showing interest in it.

Below are few months of how to put a love spell using under the pillow.

You will need a pillow of the person your in love with,pepper ,red pen, a old coin and your words.

Say  the following while putting the coin in the pepper after writing your words.

“Its not the coin that am putting inside this pepper ,its love,so that he misses me and thinks about me day each second ,hour and minute in the moonlight and sunlight.As Gods servant,say your name, cant leave without his shadow and let it be the same .

  • Take the pillow of the person you,take off your shoes
  • Kneel on the pillow.
  • Put the pepper with the coin inside under the pillow or inside his or her pillow
  • Do what is more preferable to you but put it when it is sunset and dont exceed sunset.
  • Reapt the under the pillow  love spell fifteen times and do it with faith.


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