name in the shoe spell

Traditional name in the shoe spell.

In African origin is the influence and dominate a person through their feet.Causing all sourts of  fortune and misfortune Name in the shoe spell with the shoes will make someone to fall in love with you and conquer.

Name in the shoe  spell to dominate a man or woman.

This famous shoe spell works to control someone master or dominate.Usually a woman but it can also  try it if your aim is to dominate a man.Name in the shoe it also works to the person you have in mind whether female or male. You just need to have a nail of the person.If you have access to your lovers shoes .Sprinkle a bit of tap water on the pair of your beloved.Get mint,rosemary, thyme and coriander,mix them together and sprinkle them on the carpet of the shoes and put it back. Say the name of your love . Put a shoe no the left side of the bed before going to bed after two hours,go to sleep. Dont forget to say the name of your love before sleeping.That night you will dream of the person you love.It means that the name in the shoe spell works.

Before you think of name in the shoe shoe spell ,first you have to have faith in the spell and determination to get your love back.You have to be with good intentions and this spell doesn’t  work if your aiming at hurting or destroying someones life.The variations to this spell is to put the pepper in the shoe but the right shoe and say nine mine words.If you feel lost or the spell doesn’t work for you connect mama nisha or email her the master of all love spells, She will help you put the person you want at your feet and you will be in control then the fun brings.


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