Fertility Spell Without Ingredients

Fertility Spell Without Ingredients
Fertility Spell Without Ingredients

Fertility Spell Without Ingredients I would like to make a disclaimer before describing the rite. Nobody wants to take the place of doctors or say that doing a ritual to have a child is the only right way in the world. The fact is that this is our way of praying (I mean us pagans), like when someone goes to church and prays by lighting a candle.

Our ways of praying are different but no less respectable than others. Many women have asked me for the favor of publishing a ritual that could help them have a child. If this ritual can serve to give you a chance, because harmony and positivity always start from the mind, then I’ll be happy to show you how to do it.

According to my point of view, whoever is to be born is a soul waiting for a woman who can allow him to cross the door to the outside world. The souls are there waiting to find the right one that can give them the life they need to live and then come (who knows when) to enlightenment.

The Fertility Spell Without Ingredients

So, you should be ready to welcome a new life into yours. Many people experience this moment with anguish, and therefore it is very easy to get stuck. Therefore, try to relax, to be calm by creating a sort of inner peace. Your anxiety will close the doors.

As soon as you feel ready, calm, and free of any negative moods, buy a teddy bear, a rattle, or a baby onesie.

On a Monday, place your object so it is exposed to the rays of the moon to create a connection with the universe.

When you feel ready, place the object on your heart and say:

“For you my child, my body is ready to receive you!” (Repeat 3 times)

Now take the object and rock it, saying:

“Through the Earth, the air, the fire, and the sea,
In my arms you will be.

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