Bay Leaf White Magic Spell

Hoodoo spells
Hoodoo spells

Bay Leaf White Magic Spell this is a white magic spell chant to make someone call you. Be careful! It won’t work for everyone, as it is necessary to have a strong desire to achieve results.

Those who have very weak and unconvincing intentions will not see any results. It’s possible to perform this ritual even if other love spells are going on.

Remember that visualization and positive thinking are fundamental. If you are in a somewhat negative phase of life, don’t do it, you would waste time and energy needlessly. You can perform this ritual as needed. I recommend that you give it time to realize itself, without abusing it.

It is not a fast-acting ritual, but within a month you should see some results. So don’t get frustrated and, if you decided to give this specific bay leaf white magic a try, don’t rush things and give it the chance and the time to manifest at its own pace.

There is no need to do this ritual in specific moon phases, simply cast it when you feel committed and focused enough to make it.

You need the following ingredients:
A bay leaf (picked up in a crescent moon). If you can’t find it harvest some fresh roses during the crescent moon
A pen

How it’s Bay Leaf White Magic Spell done

Take how you establish contact with your loved one (computer, home phone, cell phone, etc.). Since a mobile phone is the most common method, let’s say that the person casting this spell is constantly communicating with the other person via mobile phone.
You will need to get a bay leaf which must be picked up in a crescent moon. With a pen, write a name and surname of the person that must contact you, and if you want, you can also add a date of birth.
Take the mobile phone, turn it off and position it face down so that you can put a leaf on top of the battery. Take your phone and a leaf in your hands and say these words:
(Name) call me!
Call now, ring.
To my ears.
Bring the (name) now.

(* Repeat this chant three times)

Turn your phone back on, and now you will have to wait for a contact to occur. If you want you can repeat the process a couple of times a day. Not maniacally, mind you. Keep negative thoughts at bay.
This ritual will work only if you are in a positive relationship with a person you wish that contacts you. If you have some issues with a person, then I advise you to do rituals to calm anger like the Honey Jar ritual.

If after a month you won’t see any results, and you want to do it again, replace an old leaf with a new one.

If you’ll use a PC instead of a mobile phone, attach a leaf with a piece of adhesive

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