Everyday Ritual For Success

Everyday Ritual For Success
Everyday Ritual For Success

Everyday Ritual For Success this ritual is customizable according to the kind of goal you would like to achieve.

Sometimes we feel ‘weakened’ by the many obstacles that seem to arise in our life, often making it difficult; sometimes it seems that everything is complicated and difficult. And so, we need something ‘special’ to go back to being the lions and lionesses who conquer their own lives!

When we want to feel stronger and when we want to change the energies around us. In order to increase the positive possibilities, this simple ritual can help. It is to be done on Tuesdays at noon solar time and at one summertime (specifically: at noon, you must light the candles. Which will have been prepared according to the method described by the preparation of candles, minutes or hours before. Depending on the time you have available).

The Everyday Ritual For Success

The goal of this ritual was to restore winning energies around the person in question (but, as you know, you can do it for yourself; in this case, choose a stone that is significant for you, even crystal, after having purified it as I did).

The candles should be loaded (read the page on how to load the candles if you don’t know how) before the ritual.

You can also read more about success spells here.

The arrangement of the candles is:
White candle in the north, yellow candle in the center, and orange (or red) candle at the bottom. You will be seated behind the red candle.

Since the goal of this ritual was to increase the life force of the person in question so that it attracts positive. Or successful situations and events, there aren’t any specific words we can use.

I wrote two lines specific to the situation and recited them aloud like the other spells.

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