Simple Spell With Red Velvet Ribbon

Simple Spell With Red Velvet Ribbon
Simple Spell With Red Velvet Ribbon

Simple Spell With Red Velvet Ribbon. This spell to get your ex back can be enhanced with a strong African Traditional prayer.

  • Ingredients:
  • sheet of pink paper
  • fresh lemon
  • knife
  • red velvet ribbon
  • A white plate
  • A red ink pen
  • A freezer

How to do Simple Spell With Red Velvet Ribbon

Start by writing with a red ink pen on a pink piece of paper a name of the person you wish to get back and your name.

Then cut a lemon in two equal parts on the plate. Fold the paper in half so both names “touch” each other and place it in the middle of a lemon.

With a red velvet ribbon tie the lemon so that the parts are sealed.

Then store this lemon in a freezer, and in the process of storing it, you need to visualize that person with you. Both of you need to be happy.
It is possible that the spell takes effect in about a month, but you must be consistent with positive thoughts.

You could also enhance this ritual by praying to ancestral prayer who is the patron of couples who are going through a bad time.

For prayer for love who is the faithful protector of helpless and confused couples, make (name of the person) return to me that I hope to receive him with all my soul swollen with love, I hope you have compassion for me. So shall.”

Once a month has passed, take the lemon out of a freezer and bury it in a flowerpot that is in your garden. You must believe and trust in this ritual.

Taking a bit more than usual spell your trust and commitment to the practice is very important to make it work and let it manifest. Give it the time to do so and believe in your craft and in your love for your ex.

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