Candle Lost Love Spell

Candle Lost Love Spell
Candle Lost Love Spell

Candle lost love spell as the white candle burns, I become more and more protected from the light
as the yellow candle burns, I get more love from you and stronger (or: I am successful happy in love…)
as the red (or orange) candle burns, I get stronger and stronger (or: I am successful in…)
Type of candles to use: As you can see, I used very low candles; now that I have the experience, I work with almost all types of candles; if I use these bases, I always purify/load them by first removing. Them from the metal casing and, once loaded, putting them back in the casing.
small white candles.

If you use candles in glass cups you have to do the same thing (load them by removing them from the glass), and for this reason, I almost never use candles in glass cups (I find that they are difficult to extract).Regarding the ideal timing for this type of ritual, I would say it would be this.

The Candle Lost Love Spell

Unless you perform rituals that last seven days, using larger candles than the ones shown here doesn’t make sense (they would last too long).Generally (but, as you can see from my example above, not always!)I use ‘naked’ candles (like the ones next to them), that is, without metal or glass enclosures. But, as I said, it doesn’t matter, as long as they are prepared (consecrated and loaded) without the wrapping.

You use high-quality candles, they should burn completely; otherwise, there will be leftovers (you burn the whole candle, but sometimes there is some ‘melted’ wax around): these should be put in a hidden place in the house or in a place where you often go if it is a matter of propitiatory rites (positive); otherwise, as you know, the remnants of the rites to eliminate obstacles and specific negativities must be buried far from home.

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