Shut up oil spell
Shut up oil spell

Shut up oil spell

Shut Up Oil spell. As the name implies can be used to shut someone up. It can be utilized in magical work. When you want to make someone stop gossiping, lying, or slandering you.
You can dress the mouth of poppets in the likeness of your
target with this oil, use it as a candle dressing, shake their hand with some in your palm, and a variety of other ways of deploying it.

  • Virgin Olive Oil
  • Alum
  • Cayenne Pepper
  • Sulfur
  • Slippery Elm

How To Blend Shut up oil spell

The Shut up oil spell

For more information concerning this spell you should feel free to contact me. But you should be careful when casting this spell. And it works immediately. Note that before casting this spell your intentions are pure and with no intentions of causing any harm. While preparing the oil there is a ritual that needs to be followed as indicated in this article. Then you can use the prepared oil but be careful.

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