Communication love spell
Communication love spell

Communication love spell

Communication love spell to speak or write and to be not only heard but understood is one of the foundations for good relationships, effective business management, imparting our spiritual perspectives to those we love, and many other things in life. Unfortunately, there are many times in our discourse when we feel like those involved are speaking two (if not more) different languages, and there isn’t a translator in sight! Candlelit communication spells and rituals can help bridge the gap between what’s said and what’s actually meant.

The communication love spell

Time for this spell is when the moon is in Aries. Fridays and Wednesdays also support this energy. Additionally, consider the theme of the matter at hand as a clue to good timing for your magic. If you’re speaking about love, you might want to cast your spell during the full moon, for example.
Add Air-oriented the Element of communication such as almond, bergamot, lavender, and pine.
Use yellow colored candles attuned to the Air Element and effective expression.

Include other components such as yellow paper and ink, a telephone cord, and stones such as beryl, carnelian, and hematite all of which improve your ability to be understood clearly.
Inspiring Effective Communication
Gather together a sheet of yellow paper and a yellow candle. On the paper, write a description of the person with whom or situation in which you’d like to communicate more effectively. Fold the paper in half on itself, then in half again, and in half again three times all told, repeating this incantation each time yo
u fold it:

“Uncertain and miscommunication, be gone for good.
By this spell, let my words be understood!”

How to cast the communication love spell

Now take the candle in hand and tip it so that a few drops of yellow wax affix the edges of the paper (like a letter seal). Add another incantation to this process, such as

  • “Ideas and words, no longer wait,
  • Help me to communicate!
  • Truth be keen, never bend,
  • So other people comprehend.”
  • Carry this paper with you into any situation where you feel your ideas or words might be misunderstood. Note, however, that once the core issues have been resolved, you should burn or bury the paper. This is really a “one-shot” spell.

Mending Miscommunication
This spell uses candied almonds and a yellow candle as components and is particularly helpful for clearing up miscommunications in a relationship. Wait to cast the spell until Friday, which got its name from the Goddess Frigg who protected marriages. Place the candle and the candies on your altar or another area where you typically work spells. Light the candle, saying.

“The light of good intention shines, its energy saturating the sweet
treats so that my words might likewise be sweet and well received.
Visualize the light of the candle saturating every bit of the almonds. Leave the candle to burn itself out (if it’s safe to do so) then store the candies in a portable, airtight container. Enjoy one just before going into a difficult discussion with a loved one.

“Go within every day and find the inner strength so that the world will not blow your candle out.
Some communications require a greater sense of jurisdiction and influence over a situation. Spells for authority encourage this reliable demeanor when speaking or writing

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