Powerful sperm chant
Powerful sperm chant

Powerful sperm chant

Powerful sperm chant you cannot use the whole thing with the sperm. This thing carries too much of your energy which may interfere with the spell. Can I use my bed sheet after I did the laundry?No. It will bother Higher Powers for no reason and next time they may refuse to help you at all.No way! All spells engaging blood, especially menstrual blood, are incredibly dangerous. Above all, they are dangerous to you. If something goes wrong, the price for your mistake will have to be paid by your future children or with your health. For example, you may become infertile.They say sperm spells may cause impotency in men. Are you sure it’s safe to tell people about it?You are confusing a sperm love spell with revenge spells. Sperm is not what determines the effect of the spell.

It depends on the branch of magic and the spell itself. Of course, if you try to cast such a spell by yourself having zero experience in magic and no magical abilities whatsoever, you can wrench the spell turning it into a curse. But if you let me do the work, my spell will give you exactly what you want.All your doubts, I would like to remind you that one and the same hammer can be used to build a nice house and to break the windows in the house of your neighbor.You have some sperm.. It’s been a while and it seems darker than before and smells badly. I guess you can’t use it anymore… or can you?Will you use spoiled ingredients to cook a romantic dinner? I do not think so. Similarly, you should not use spoiled sperm in your love magic rituals.

The most powerful sperm chant

So please try to get some fresh sperm.How can you get some sperm if you haven’t had sex with the man you in love with?Well, obviously the easiest way is to offer him to have sex with you. I do not see any other options.Cannot use the sperm left after the man had sex with another woman?It is a difficult question. we need to know more details to answer it. For example, who is that woman? Does the man have any feelings for you? How did you get the sperm in the first place? So get back to us with the answers and we will give you mine.Since some women manage to get pregnant this way, then the logical answer should be yes, you can. However, this sperm is okay if it has very little saliva and if you know for sure you have not swallowed any of it.I would not use it in the spells There is too much of your energy in this sperm. Next time try to get the sperm left on your legs or on your stomach.

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