Red Candle Come Back To Me Love Spell

Red Candle Come Back To Me Love Spell
Red Candle Come Back To Me Love Spell

Red Candle Come Back To Me Love Spell. This spell is simple, and only requires a single red candle (any size, scented or unscented). To begin, meditate holding the candle in your hands while imagining your lover returning to you. After a few moments, set the candle in front of you on a safe, level surface, and light the candle. Close your eyes and continue to meditate, imagining the results of the spell. Picture the actual reunion between you. After a few moments have passed, open your eyes and chant three times:

“With a witch’s tune, I call upon you to return to me. For there is only one life for us to live together, Some mote it be!”

Blow out the candle and your spell is complete.

Love Spell With A Folded Paper

The Red Candle Come Back To Me Love Spell

Many love spells exist which only utilize the power of thought and intuition. One easy to do spell, which can be done at home or anywhere, by yourself, involves only a single piece of paper and a black or red pen. On the paper, draw a heart and write the full names and dates of birth of the two people being bound together by the spell. Then tightly fold the paper, as many times as possible and store it in the pocket all day. The longer it is kept in the pocket, the more energy it will create. The paper works as a pseudo-talisman, magnetizing the love between the targets, more tightly binding the two individuals together. It involves no chanting and no open flame. After a 24 hour period, the paper will have reached its maximum potency value and needs to be redone.

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