Rainbow spell
Rainbow spell

Rainbow spell

Rainbow spell light up your situation with the use of the rainbow spell every person in life has his or her own problem as it is that we don’t see the sun raise in the same way that so are problems situations in life . Every body see their own way a number and the colours of yours might be different from what the other sees. Each colour in life has got its meaning and it’s purpose so use the spiritual power provided by the rainbow to have a colour full life and a brighter one . As the colours are different each colour lights differently in every persons eye the colour that you might find dull is bitter in the other persons eyes .

The energy and the powers supremacy that offers when depression and reflection of light in water resulting into a spectrum in the sky that is the energy I am taking of which you can use to your benefit without causing any harm or damage to nature by only the use of this spell . This is general it’s more like the wish spell but here the ritual is different anything that you want you only need and find the rainbow the do the ritual and say the words bellow as follows .

The rainbow spell

There are lots of things that you didn’t know about the rainbow and it’s powers which include the few :

  • Have your ever wondered by the rainbow is used in many love songs it’s because of its beauty that inspires our inner romantic to love. If love is your problem here is your medicine .
  • As your seeing the rainbow you see it as it is infornt of you but in reality when it is rotating around you as it is from an axis running around from the sun to your head shadow .

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