Passion love spells

       Passion love spells

Passion love spells some of our love patterns that we love love us but when it reaches to having passion most of them have less or no passion for us .We mostly have lovers you really love us and really dont have any passion for their patterns mostly when it comes to romance and sex .Some might not have passion but when they do want to do something for themselves but worry not passion love spells is here for you so worry not . I am sure that you landed to this article because you dont have passion or maybe your lover doesn’t have it and you want to help . First of all lets know what passion is a strong  fondness or desire for anything .

Passion can be for anything weather love , sex ,ambition ,music ,dream anything that you would think of .Passion is the fire that motivates us ,strong in a relationship is a key to success. My powerful love spells and passion is one of the them . It might be  but some men and women tend to loss the passion or interest of having sex and it mostly happen to a lot of couples . Sometimes it is caused by the people back ground during their child hood cast passion love spells and in few days everything will be solved .

How to cast this powerful passion love spells

Here are the requirements needed for casting passion love spells include:

  • Mirror
  • Sun
  • Photo
  • Two mirrors
  • Paper


In the evening when the sun ,it is almost to afternoon get  place one mirror east and the another one west . Make sure that they are in the straight line . Place the photo of that person who doesn’t have passion . Get a plain white paper and write the word passion . Place the paper on the wall and make sure that the light reflects to the paper . Say the following words


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