Lost love spells

        Lost love spells

Lost love spell reality is not a easy thing  as you may thing . Finding honest true love is as difficult as you might think of it like the same way it might be easy . Sometimes people do take their crush or lust as love which is very different. .Love is the feeling that you have toward  someone and your ready to go any e xterm for your love . Lost love spells can work for people who have just gone through a breakup , finding new love , finding honest true love anything as long as it contains on finding love  or bring back lost love or lost lover.

How to cast lost love  spells

When casting any love spell you have to be sure of  your love  and if you are just  looking for love for have to be determined.And focused to find and conquer the love that you will get or have . First and foremost you need to have faith and believe in this lost love spells . Requirements needed for casting this spell.

  • Traditional herbs
  • Traditional  medicine
  • River
  • Beads
  • Paper
  • Olive oil
  • Green leave

Procedures of how to cast lost love spells

This spell is casted every last days of a month till you finally want  comes true.First of all you need to find a quite place for casting spell

  1. Mix the traditional herds with the traditional medicine
  2. Get a paper and write anything that you want your lover to be.
  3. Apply olive oil and the mixture of the traditional herbs smoothly .
  4. On the leave put on the beads and fold them
  5. Put them  the middle of the river
  6. Leave one which you will be with it in your bag
  7. For any information contact with mi on my watsup number which is above on my site dont be there and you think that nothing can be done  .


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