Marriage healing spells
Marriage healing spells

Marriage healing spells

Marriage healing spells this is about fixing mending any relationship even if the marriage or relationship is already broken. These spells dont just heal marriage but they also create the understand and the bond of love. Which connects to you both spiritually hence coming to the making your marriage or relationship better. Even like the way you really want things to work out for you both. Life is what you make it if your want a happy married love life or relationship you need to step up and work on owning it. Happiness is created so if you want it have it its all up to your decision. No body in life will determine your love and happiness because its yours and your the one who knows what makes you happy and not.

How to do the marriage healing spells

With these spells there is a special prayer that is done along with the ritual to connect both souls together and to make the relationship due to your desire needs and wants which is am not going to give her but i am going to give you the list of things needed to cast the spells which include

  1. Honey
  2. One inch white cloth
  3. Fresh coconut
  4. Underwear
  5. Traditional herbs
  6. Fire
  7. Milk
  8. Red apple

NOTE : There are so many things that are needed but those are the least. Everything used in these spells has to be white apart from the red apple.

This spell is from the ancestors which they used to keep protect their marriage and relationships from any obstacles that might come there way let it be evil or magic and the others . That is why they managed to leave happily in their marriage with love happiness for so many years . Here is the solution for you to a happy love life it doesn’t matter if you separated years back and now you what your lover back use it for any relationship. love is life

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