Change for the better chants

Change for the better chants

Change for the better chants a lot of people experience change but still a lot fear change. There’s no way u can resist change because it’s part of man it’s and it will always be part of life the only way is to overcome. It when it’s negative for example you can migrate from one place to another. You can leave the man you loved and get another one. You can change your working place or your job and do another job that’s all change.

If your in your relationship still you have to prove that you are the right person for the case of ladies. You can make your partner love you more by cooking for him but cooking is not the only thing u can do . Is to put some herb medicine which is call kabamutima chant for more control. So that whenever you are not with him he only thinks about you then for the case of. Men u can use Mucusa so that whenever you are away she always thinks about you in terms of work u can put mukisasaga. Where u are working from so that all the customers come to you.

The ways of change for the better chants

Change comes in a lot of ways both positive and negative you should always avoid the negative side. Remember prevention is better than whenever you feel that change is of a negative. Effect you can easily prevent it that is by seeking for a solution u might doubt me that u cannot feel change. But there a lot of ways do u know that some people first dream about everything that happens in their live .

But in most case they take them for granted. Some are being visionalised by other people some when the vision is not positive just start avoiding the person. Who visionalised about them do u know that if there’s someone who is going to pass away and when that person is a close relative u do feel it some their eyes start linking at a very high speed others start becoming sick so don’t let change change you when you are not ready there’s always a solution for it

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