Love spells for beginners
Love spells for beginners

Love spells for beginners

Love spells for beginners not every love spell can be done by a beginner or by the person on your own. There are certain spells that are strict and require most careful and attention any mistake. Can lead to a negative result or even back fire to you the person casting it. Before lets first know what is a love spell some call it love magic. It can be the use of any magic, traditional healing to conjure romantic love passion and sexual from someone one. It is done in variety of ways such as doll charms, written spells, Amulets, ritual and positions.

The first thing to consider when your casting any spell let it love for anything else you need to have clear intentions and no doubt. Since the spells connect to a person spiritually the intentions of casting the particular spell should be clear because none can lie to your own soul.

Few of the love spells for beginners

The following are the few love spells that you can make use of you as a beginner. You should worry about the effectiveness or powerfulness of the spell they all will work for you. But remember your intentions should be clear.

  • Making someone love you

In casting this spell your going to need your picture and for that person you want to make be in love with you . Get any thread a small piece of paper write down his name and your . Tie everything together and put it under you pillow. The same procedure can be used for bringing back your ex in your life . You can also put them in your shoes or his bag anywhere but preferably is the under the pillow.

  • Keeping your lover and you from all evils and bad people

Get a table spoon of salt put it in a paper, you can carry it with you in your pockets or just pour a it on the entering door of your home . This is a protection spell.

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