I dare you to leave me
I dare you to leave me

I dare you to leave me

I dare you to leave me have you ever wondered why the ancestors or grand parents stayed together forever in their relationship with lots of love forever till today . It’s because the know the value of spiritual healing through spells and witchcraft. That connects souls together for the bond of togetherness and long lasting love . Witchcraft and magic didn’t start it started where back centuries. It is considered as one of the first religions in the world. Till now it’s still strong through now you can use powers from their but when you don’t belong to that religion . Everything in the world was created by God and every power and so it is witchcraft.

Do you want to be with your lover forever no matter the circumstances with love and understanding. Have you ever asked yourself why some people when they separate from their lovers life the lovers life becomes worse. Or when some get a new woman or man his or her life gets better here is your answer it’s because of this spell. It happens in that when he or she wants to leave. Then you need to do another spell that makes that un effective . Note : Although my spell don’t cause or harm physical mentally emotionally or social to a person. But this can if done bad even with the wrong person . If over done it can make your lover not go to work or do anything else apart from being with you only .

Love with I dare you to leave me

This is casted only once and that is at the end of the month at the last day of the month but if you cast once don’t cast it again in the same relationship it’s forever spell so more use of its powers it will bring to over dose in that your lover won’t even be happy an hour without you by his or her side so be careful.

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