Have lover only to you chant
Have lover only to you chant

Have lover only to you chant

Have lover only to you chants do you want to stop your lover from cheating or you have the fear of loosing him or her to someone else or him or her leaving you . Even at onetime him or her stop loving you what ever reason it is. What ever the reason it is for you doing this it doesn’t matter as long as you want to have your lovers love only to you come what not bringing any circumstances or anything in your love but you want to make your lover love you only forever he is the way. Here is the best way to do it effective powerful strong to keep and have your lovers love only belong to you some call it( tieing a person to you).

Note you shouldn’t cast this spell when you not truly love that person because it wont work you this chant doesn’t bring any harm let it be physical emotional or mental so casting it when your not truly in love with that person that means hurting that person. If the love you had for the person vanishes then this chant will stop being effective. The pillar of this have lover only to you chant is the love that you feel towards the person who want his or her love forever without sharing or vanishing . In case your love vanishes the spell will stop being effective . Everything for this spell happens naturally even you might not recognize that you did something like any relationship of love.

How to have lover only to you chant

Contact me if in need of this chant is very useful in someones love life and every body should cast it to be on the happy self side. Happiness is what you make and its your choice to make that happiness so you have a choice choose right.

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