How to voodoo a man
How to voodoo a man

How to voodoo a man

How to voodoo a man voodoo is a sensationalized pop culture caricature voodoo. In voodoo, people often believe that a spirit is in their body and controlling the body. Having a spirit in a body can help you to speak to the gods if you want to,and also talk to the dead people you love and also heal and do magic. But with how to voodoo a man,you will put your man into your control,he will be able to do as you please you will manipulate him so well. By doing this,you will have to make sure he is the person you really want,because he will also belong to you.

This man you are casting the spell for will be under your control and influence,he can never look down on you right after you cast this spell on him. You will always be his influence at all times despite the fact that he is a man,with this spell, you will be the one in control.

What you are required for to do the how to voodoo a man

  • you need to have a doll that is in the shape of your man
  • you also need pins
  • marker to lable the doll
  • secret box where you keep the doll safely without anyone seeing it.
  • hair and nails for the man you are casting for

Procedure on how to voodoo a man

My sister,here you will have to be extra careful in order for you to be well off with this spell. This spell is recommended to be attempted at night where there are lower chances of a second party. To be successful you need to make sure that your environment is secure. Because you need to be alone. after securing the place. You raise the doll into the air and sought his name three consecutive times.

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