Hoodoo spells
Hoodoo spells

Hoodoo spells are very similar in some ways to other forms of witchcraft, but you really shouldn’t confuse Hoodoo and Voodoo. Despite the names, they are not the same thing at all. Before I start into the Hoodoo spells, you need to understand what Hoodoo is in the first place.
Both Hoodoo and Voodoo have very rich African roots, and that is mainly where the similarities end. Voodoo (also called Vodou or Vodoun) is a true religion, with spiritual rituals and a pantheon of Gods and powerful spirits.

On the other hand, Hoodoo is a specific type of magickal practice that is not religious in itself. Sometimes called rootwork, Hoodoo uses a lot of herbs to create amulet, potion or charm-based spells. These spells tend to be very simple, with just a few ingredients to make a charm. Even though, good rootwork can be extremely powerful magick.

The Hoodoo spells

Though not really part of Voodoo, I’ve included a page of Hoodoo spells anyway. It fits here better than anywhere else.

Home Protection Amulet

This is a simple example of some Hoodoo magic you can use to protect your home from negative energies.

9 white mustard seeds
Square piece of red flannel cloth
A metal nail
Wrap the seeds in a bundle of red flannel, and nail the charm to the back of your front door. This will keep bad energy and negative spells out of your home.

Hoodoo Luck Charm

Another form of charm bag to bring you some good luck. You may have to check out an herbal shop or a Wiccan store to find the ingredients though.

Piece of green cloth
A whole nutmeg
A piece of High John the Conqueror root
A coin
A small green candle
First, light the candle and let it burn down to just a little stub. Then gather up the remaining wax and make a charm bag out of green cloth for the wax, nutmeg, root and coin. Carry it with you for good luck (usually the financial kind or gambling).

If you are hoping to use Hoodoo to find some romance, there is a new page of Hoodoo love spells that would be worth visiting.

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