Freezer spells
Freezer spells

Freezer spells can be used for all kinds of purposes, and they all involve locking something away in your freezer. The use of dark and cold in this way is very powerful. This type of spell is originally a hoodoo-style of magick but you can incorporate this principle in all kinds of spells

I already have two such freezer spells on the site:

Frozen in Time
This one is a traditional type of banishing spell that helps to block someone out of your life. You just need a bit of paper, water and a freezer.

Lemon Love Spell
This spell is a little unusual as you don’t normally involve the freezer in love magick. You just need to freeze a wrapped-up lemon and paper bundle to bring someone back into your life.


Those are the two most common purposes for freezer spells (love and banishing) but you can use this technique for other things as well. Here is a money spell to help you save your money or stick to a budget.

Financial Freeze Spell

Finding that your hard-earned money seems to keep slipping away? This will help you save and be more frugal with your funds.

•Ice cube tray
•5 coins (small enough to fit in the cube sections)
•About a cup
of mint tea

You can use commercial mint tea, or just steep some loose mint leaves in water for a few minutes. Cast this spell on a Thursday if you can.

Brew up your mint tea, and set it aside to cool. Pour some of the tea into 5 compartments of the ice cube tray. Drop one coin into each one, repeating the following each time:

This money is mine
I won’t spend a dime
Lock it up tight
Do what is right

Put the tray into the freezer, and let it freeze solid. You can take the cubes out later and store them in a ziplock bag or something to free up your ice cube tray though. They do need to stay in the freezer. When its time to free up your finances and do some spending, you can thaw out a block to release yourself from the restrictions.

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