Home Cleansing Remove Bad Energy

Home Cleansing Remove Bad Energy
Home Cleansing Remove Bad Energy

Home Cleansing Remove Bad Energy In this series I will offer to you, ideas for creating rituals that will help you create a clean home, and making your home a Magic space. Of course, I will throw in some spell work to round it all out.

Specifically I had readers expressing concerns and illness in the home. This is a tricky issue to address since Asthma seems to be as diverse as you and me. Some triggered by allergens in the air, like pet dander, dust, and yes even roaches., I will say it

Personally, I don’t have experience ,but in our home, but I have dealt with one time, suffering from this horrible skin issue. The good news is that with a few In my research many of the same changes you
make for him are also the suggested changes.

The overlapping changes found to be evident for diet, stress, synthetihemicals, and maintaining a clean home. When I adjusted our lifestyle in these areas,

As an added benefit we all suffer fewer colds, and I can’t remember the last time anyone had to flu. So really the rituals I will suggest and routines I have put in place for my household sure many ailments far
beyond the topic skin issues. Here are the basic areas I adjusted in our lifestyle:
We avoid fast food and highly processed

The Home Cleansing Remove Bad Energy

We removed ourselves from overly stressful
situations and unnecessary drama. This is a tough one if you have close friends and family members who are the source of this issue.

We used as many natural cleaning & body/hygiene products as possible you make many
of them yourself. If you would like me to share
the recipes for these products please let me
know try very hard to create and maintain a clean
home, by following a Deep Clean spell

As mentioned before, these above suggestions and changes are also good for other areas of concern in our modern lives. Issues like depression,
common, and illness can belessened, and even remedied by making somesimple adjustments to one’s lifestyle.

The first point you need to hit, before anything else, is the need to get yourself into and remain
connected to a routine. I call mine, a “Clean Home

Body Mindset” with Home Cleansing Remove Bad Energy

No, it isn’t epic or catchy, it is just a trigger phrase you use for myself when need to do a deep clean of your home, and when you find we are slacking on the important things that help keep us healthy.

When I hit this mind set, you can hear my entire
family grumble as uou
march down stairs to give everyone their cleaning/chore list for the week. I hide the take out menus,
and stock the fridge with whole healthy foods. tend to do this once a month. So yeah, there is a lot of grumbling in my home. Hee .When I know we are headed for an extra busy
week, or we are far too relaxed in our eating habits.

You will take a day to pre-cook several meals for the next few days. I will portion them out into sealable containers, and place them in the fridge for everyone to grab. All they have to do is heat and
eat. It is like having microwave-freezer meals without all the chemicals and additives that overtime do us harm. The best benefit is that you can relax for a few days without having to rush and make
dinner after I have spent the day cleaning and

This is my 2Day House and Home Deep Clean
Checklist”. This is my spell for creating a clean
healthy home for my family and friends.

this huge project by breaking up the house
into sections, and assigning small jobs to everyone in the family helps out. I take the bulk of the list, and we work together
to get the house REALLY CLEAN. This helps make
the job move faster, not to forget, it gives the rest
of the family some ownership in the cleanliness of our home.

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