Restore love Chant
Restore love Chant

Effective break up spell

Effective break up spell if you have ended a relationship with someone and they just wont accept its over. If they keep calling you,writing to you ,or even worse,if they keep coming. Then this is the spell for your problem. You may get a relief after using this spell. In this case your passed lover will begin to contact less often,and then other people may begin to get involved. A situation in such a way that the passed lovers attention is diverted away from you and they someone or something else to focus their energy. Besides whats the point of love if you can not rely on some one any more.

How the effective break up spell helps

Here with the effective break up spell you may have t expect the following;

What you need for the effective break up spell to work out

This is what you need in order to make the effective break up spells to work out effectively;

  • candles
  • honey
  • under wear
  • nails and hair for your passed lover

When you get all of the above requirements then you will have to proceed with the rituals. You are required to light up all the candles that you can and spread them all over the room then get your under wear and that of your passed lover. Burn them to ashes and blow the ashes to the air that also works for the nails and hair, you also have to burn them to ashes and bow them into the air.

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