Divination love spell
Divination love spell

Divination love spell

Card Walk Love Divination Spell
To tell if someone currently in your life is destined
to become a lover, or whether a new love is soon to arrive.
You will need:
A wand
A Tarot deck
A small mirror
A magic wand

A book of love poems or your book of shadows
A string of pearls – for a woman spell caster
A metal medallion on a leather cord – for a male spell caster
Place the mirror on your altar so you can see your face when you sit before it. Place the incense burner in front of the mirror, and open the book to a random page. Visualize black clouds flashing with lightning – not ominous, but friendly, the dragon’s breath protecting you and th
e Other world. Shuffle the deck.

For a Woman – Visualize a unicorn galloping from the clouds and sitting next to you, affectionately. In Western folklore, unicorns had a special affinity for young inexperienced maidens and protected their pure, chaste energy.

For a Male – Visualize a white stag leaping from the clouds. In olden lore, a stag often showed a hunter the path to his beloved. Another tradition relates that the hunter who killed the white stag would present the magnificent head to the woman of his dreams, thus honoring her as the fairest lady of the court.

Procedure of divination love spell

Open your eyes and light the incense. Look at your face in the mirror through the smoke. Hold the pearls or the medallion in the smoke and bless them. They represent the power of the Goddess and the God. Then, place them around your neck. Shuffle the Tarot cards, hold the deck in your hands, and say,
“As black clouds swirl and silver flashes,
With mirror, wand, smoke, and pearls/cord,
Open book and car
d walk here.”

Lay down the cards and touch them with the wand.
“Tell me if love is near!”

Draw 3 cards, lay them from left to right. Read them to see if someone in your life is a lover for you.

Draw 3 more cards and, again, lay them from left to right. Read them to see if a lover is soon to enter your life.

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