Crystal love spells
Crystal love spells

Crystal love spells aren’t a new kind of spell, just a collection of love magick that uses stones and crystals for focusing romantic energy. We do have several great love spells already that use crystals, such as:

Round the Rune
Heart of the Matter
Venus Love Charm
Reuniting Reflections
But I thought a few new pieces of witchcraft in this area would be nice too. So if you enjoy working with crystals, here are the love spells for you.

Love in Luna

Most crystal love spells use rose quartz, but there are other options in love magick. This is a favorite spell that uses moonstone instead, and harnesses the potent power of the moon. You’ll need:

3 pieces of moonstone
3 pieces of silver cord
1 pink taper candle
Moon infused water (see below)
During the full moon before you cast this spell, leave a glass bottle with some water outside where it can absorb the moon light. After that, you’ll need to do the spell within a few days, using this water.

The Crystal love spells

Lay out the 3 pieces of cord to make a triangle, and place a moonstone at each point. Anoint the candle with the moon water, repeating the words of the spell as you do:

Bringing down the light of moon
Bringing love to me soon
Light a candle for my cause
Love is what this spell draws.

Set up the candle in the center of the triangle and light it. Repeat the words again. Now pick up one moonstone at a time, hold it above the flame, and repeat the words with each stone.

Let the candle burn out. Carry all 3 moonstones with you until someone new comes into your life for love.

Fire in Stone

This is a love spell that is intended to boost up the passion between you and your lover, so it may not be that effective if you are looking to meet someone new.

1 piece of red jasper
1 piece of carnelian
1 piece of garnet
1 red candle
A glass or ceramic dish
Hold the first stone in your hand, and whisper “Love in fire, love in stone” to it. The place it in the dish. Do the same thing with the other 2 stones. Then light the candle, and hold it at an angle as it burns over the stones. You want the wax to drip over all three crystals. Then say “Love to me, crystals three”.

Keep it burning and dripping until all three stones are somewhat covered and connected in a single coating of wax. While the wax is wet, draw a heart with something sharp. Let the candle burn out, but leave the wax-covered stones for at least a week out on your altar.

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