Ancient spells and charms for the helpless in love

Ancient spells and charms for the helpless in love
Ancient spells and charms for the helpless in love

Ancient spells and charms for the helpless in love. Love Days is not all love hearts and roses for everyone. For the hapless in love, the day can be a yearly reminder of failed romances, unrequited love and the seemingly unending search for the illusive “one”.
Such problems of the heart span cultures and history. The inhabitants of the Graeco-Roman world suffered the same heartaches and the same emotional highs and lows as we do today. While we are left with apps to swipe on, a greater belief in magic in this period provided interesting opportunities to find love.
Hope was placed on spells, mysterious words and magical objects to grant the gift of love on their users or to take it away from rivals.


Love spells name under the pillow is a very powerful but a simple  love ritual which is going to help you bring back the affection. Do you want your relationship to be strong? are you craving for a real love from your partner ? why domino you call me now for help, I have the powers to increase the love with in the relationship.
On the other hand, true love is never easy to find but still if you perform this ritual you will find one. Never under estimate the power of magic, it, s the quickest way to increase passion.

Love spells name under the pillow to increase affection

Do you want your relationship to last longer? I can help you make it sweet with my simple but powerful love spells name under the pillow.  All you will do is to write his or her name down and put it under the pillow. I will be providing you with strong words chants you you can use. Ancient spells and charms for the helpless in love
More still, your partners affection towards you is going to be increased and you will be able to find happiness again.  Get in touch with me now for powerful and quick working love ritual that will bring happiness.

Increase love instantly

Additionally, to making someone went head over heels for you will be pretty much simple with the powerful love chants. He or she will be totally obsessed with you all the time. Trying to find out where you are and what you are doing. it will bring you closer than ever and all the good times you shared will be brought back.
Never let all the good love to pass away no matter what. Use my powerful and strong love chants. All you have to do is to contact to fix your love issues.


Affecting a person through his photographs is a widespread magical operation. Its popularity can be described by the simplicity of initial contact with the object. One of the most effective spells is a love spell put with the help of a photograph. To know this love spell does not require special knowledge any person can do it. All you have to do is to be able to focus your thoughts, feelings, desires. If you want to do this spells then you should perform picture under pillow love spell.

One of the effective love spell in sleep is
Sexual Love Spell that Works immediately especially if you want to have sexual intercourse with a married person.

For any woman who wants to really have a serious mature relationship, married men should be your ultimate target but much as men are said to be sexually weak, there are some who may be a little too hard to get and believe me, those are the best and when you land on such a man, you should handle him like an egg because you are sure to hold a large share of his heart captive. To get such a man, you need the love spell for sleeping with a married man because that is how you are going to lure that man into becoming your lover.

Sexual Love Spell: Get A Married Man

The will of married men is usually very strong and that explains why they decided to settle down into marriage unlike the single men out there who are very weak to make decisions. Married men are very courageous and to get the love of any married man, you need to be courageous enough to get him. You can show your courage by casting the sexual love spell for sleeping with a married man. I will make sure that you get the formula of these love spell with so much power which will certainly bring you the love of any married man of your choice.
You need this power if you are to overcome the force which binds that married man to his wife. You do not just cast these powerful love spells like that otherwise there will not be any success and you will miss the opportunity to sleep with the man of your choice however much he is married.
Contact me so that you can get the formula of this effective sexual love spell for sleeping with a married man of your choice.


By putting certain things underneath your pillow, you will allow those metaphysical properties to interact with your dreams, and your person all throughout the night, when you sleep upon that pillow. Here is a small list of constructs you can put underneath your pillow, that will provide to you certain energies, minds states, and physical stimulus throughout the night based on what they are:

Lapis lazuli under your pillow for awareness of your dreams, and vividness of those dreams.
Clear quartz under your pillow to wake up with more energy, after you awake from your sleep.
Bayleaf under your pillow in order to have more prophetic dreams.
Chamomile under your pillow in order to promote relaxation, and good  dreams.
Rose petals under your pillow in order to bring love into your waking life.
Peppermint under your pillow in order to promote relaxation, and vivid dreams.
Lavender under your pillow in order to promote calm, and in order for you to sleep well.
Anise under your pillow in order to prevent nightmares.

Rosemary under your pillow in order to prevent nightmares, and to bring deep sleep.
Garlic under your pillow in order to promote sleep well.
You can put a blade of grass, or a leaf underneath your pillow to promote growth, and change in your waking life.
Money under your pillow for wealth, and prosperity in your waking life.
You can put a picture of someone underneath your pillow in order to connect with them better.
And You can put the name of someone underneath your pillow in order to connect with them better.
You can put all manner of sigil underneath your pillow in order to get the effect of that Sigil into your dreams, and waking life.
Mountain Gypsies By Rollie


comes with everything you need to perform the ritual..

comes with detailed instructions.

each kit comes with a handmade spell kit bag..

each kit is put together and signed by me when ordered..


This is a love and romance potion. It
will aid you in becoming irresistible in matters of love. It
works best when you have feelings for one person in particular.
It is advised to incubate the spell for a minimum of three days,
waxing moon, before placing the mojo beneath your bed.

Pillow love spell are an important side of the black magic, which enhances the cure of personal issues; in modern society, peace and stability are much desired in everybody’s lives. Thus, it can be concluded that my love spells not only deal with the problems in people’s love lives but also re-creates happiness, excitement and installs commitment. Further, still, you can perform this powerful love ritual to help you solve certain relationship issues. For instance, you can do this ritual to make the person feel love for you. Some times you might love someone but then they are ever tempted by other jealous individuals.

Pillow love spell to attract love

Do you have someone your life wants so bad? That you can not spend a minute, a day without thinking about them.  He or she is someone you want to spend the rest of your life with. then call me now and we do this superior fast working pillow love spell chants. Remember its a pillow and whenever you lie and sleep on it then strong love energies will be sent to the person of your desires. Similarly, you will watch him or her in your dreams come to you. Your dreams will act as a medium of communication to that person. Ancient spells and charms for the helpless in love

How to perform pillow love rituals for ex-lovers

Procedure Ancient spells and charms for the helpless in love

  • Before midnight lie on your pillow in a dimly light room with your legs crossed,
  • light the candle before you and focus on the flame
  • Take your crush or partners picture and press it on your heart,
  • close your eyes and focus on the positive thoughts about the person. You can meditate the two of you talking, kissing, and walking on the streets holding each other hands,
  • With deep emotions say the following chant from the deep down your heart.
  • ”Harming none i call on the higher forces to make my desires fulfilled. Make person x love me and come for me. Make the person obsessed with me, i call the higher forces to make this love spell work for me.
  • And if you feel you have questions inbox me

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