White magic to control lovers heart

White magic to control lovers heart

White magic to control lovers heart there is nothing good or bad in love and everything is fair in love and war. Here is the way which will help you control your lovers heart naturally you will just see him or her do the things that you want or think of her or him doing to you . They are a lot of things that you might think of your lover doing to you those include the negative and the positive but this spell only brings out the positive and the goods things that will only your lover do.

How to cast white magic to control lovers heart

You need to have a lover that your targeting to control his or her heart ,faith ,believe in the spell . This spell is casted for as long as you till you reach to the results that you actually want your lover to be or the extent.

Things needed when casting this spell include the following

In the afternoon at 6:00pm is the specific time when the spell starts and the least time it takes 20-30minutes. The following which include

Procedure of casting this spell

  • Picture of the targeted person
  • Candles
  • White cloth
  • Spare
  • Apple
  • Beads

Steps to follow include

  • Lay down the white cloth
  • Put the candles at all the ends of the cloth , the cloth should be in a rectangle shape
  • Draw a circle on the white cloth divide it into two parts
  • Put the picture inside the circle
  • Then put one candle above the circle
  • With either your partners underwear or any gift from your lover put the beads in the gift or the underwear
  • Call the name of your lover say what you want to say to him or her
  • Don’t forget to call the gods first for example lubale, guuguu.
  • Put the spear in the red apple with what you want in intentions if your lost anyway let me know

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