Voodoo egg spell

Voodoo egg spell

Voodoo egg spell and other voodoo spells originated as shamanistic traditional brought from Africa. To be the New world during slave trade and combined  with ritualism of faithful  in Western part . Voodoo is the belief that ritual which deals with need of a desire will produce that desire you have in you. This is one of the most famous voodoo spells .

The voodoo egg spell rituals  always involve in attracting and keeping a lover . In the past , the voodoo  priest or priestess were the one entrusted as the keeper of these voodoo rituals but as time changes one can become a practitioner of the rituals these days as long as he or she is entrusted.

How to cast the voodoo egg spell

Note . If you cast a voodoo egg spell on man or woman . Then know that your soul could be become bound to his or her and the sames goes to the one you have casted the spell on . Dont use this spell or cast it on a man or woman you lust for but the one who you truly love because you might end up hurting yourself and that person for the rest of your lives so be sure that you truly love the person your casting the spell on and the same goes to that particular person because this spell concerns with the souls.

Procedures of how to cast voodoo egg spell

Things needed for this spell include the following :

  • Purple candle
  • Banana leaves
  • Paper
  • Underwear
  • Doll
  • Water


  1. Draw a circle of a place where your going to work form
  2. Divide the circle into four equal parts
  3. On the banana leaves but a paper
  4. Write his or her name on it
  5. Then write your name five times
  6. Light the purple candle and allow the max to follow





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