The honey spell

The honey spell

The honey spell honey in the world of spells is commonly known for sweetening or spicing up anything..  In this case it is mainly for sweetening your love and relationship.  Also if you are looking for love you have a one sided love the honey spell is the perfect choice for you . I am certain that you have linked to this article because something is going wrong in your relationship. And you what to sweeten it or your looking for love in any way possible and your in one sided love you want that another person to love you. And many another reasons as long as it concerns love and purifying it or for the better change .

Things to consider when casting the honey spell

Unlike another spells here the spell is directed to you not to the another person but at you making you the center of their and yours romantic interest there the spell will work as fast as possible because you will be the main target of the spell then another person your aiming at will follow . For this spell you need to first develop self love then it will be easy for you developing the love for the targeted person . The honey spell is casted on Friday during the sunset of every week .Note it is only casted one day of the week and at only the given or provided time .

Things needed  and procedures of casting the honey spell

The following are the things needed when casting this spell and include:

  • Honey 
  • Love
  • Pot 
  • Cassava leaves 
  • Picture of the person your aiming at
  • your under public hair
  • Candles
  • Fresh rosemary
  • Pure white cloth
  • Banana leaves

Say the following words in your language after making a circle ,sit in it will all the items light the candles when the blue fame comes say.

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