Strongest easy spells with just words

Strongest easy spells with just words

Strongest easy spells with just words most the spells have specific words which you need to say it’s the part of the process . The strongest easy spells with just words doesn’t require producers , requirements. Or even the specific time or day but it is only casted once a year. Your not allowed to cast it for more than two times in a year. That is only casted once in 12months and to cast it two times in 12months by the same individual there has to be a strong reason. A spell caster can cast it more than five times in a year. But for different people and different reason because of his or her powers.

The word has got a very strong meaning in this world as everything rotates around it . In all the religions God sends a word to his prophets to convey the message to His people. Let it be in Islam Allah sent the message to all the prophets. For example prophet Muhammad pbuh in the form of the word telling him to read the name of His GOD in form of word. In Christianity when GOD was sending Jesus he came with the word of GOD. And that is the bible and many religions . The world was also created by the start of the creation of the word . So each every word in the world it is important .It can destroy or create. Many relationships are destroyed by just one word and one word can create many beautiful relationships and love.

The strongest easy spells with just words

These spells work on any issue as long as you have it in your intentions and it has got good effect on you and the people around meaning there are not casted with the intentions or target of causing any harm to a person . They use their powers with connecting you to what you need not posing

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