Strong gift magic
Strong gift magic

Strong gift magic

Strong gift magic did you know that there are only two ways to the persons heart that is through gifts and food . Gift are the center of piece and some are offered for the terms as consoling a person. For example in terms of condolences gifts are offered to the person for comfortable . In terms of happiness gifts are mostly offered on birthdays ,weddings, when a new born is born. To any occasion gifts are offered when during the spells gifts are offered as offerings to the ancestors. Now it is time to know that only a mere or small gift bring good or bad to a person so be careful with gifts there is good and bad in them.

In many African societies including the buganda “it is advised for a person not to open the gift gifted to him or her but should give it the other person to open it .”

That is done because you never know what evil comes with that gift . Note if evil is passed through the gift it only targets the person to whom the gift is to be gifted to . That is why it is advised to let the other person to open the gift for you there you. And the other person will be safe and the evil won’t be effective.

Importance’s strong gift magic

As you know that anything good has got its bad side and anything sweet has bitterness at certain point or other. The following are the things that you achieve from using strong gift magic.

  • Offering your ex a gift with the required ritual it can help you bring make your ex within 7hours
  • Make someone love you
  • Revrnge
  • Stop magic and spells casted on you by giving the gift to the person you put that spell on you

Note don’t just someone a gift if you want to achieve something out of it. I have the specified ritual that makes it magical and special to perform your duty.

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