Stop fighting love spell

Stop fighting love spell

Stop fighting love spell. Every relationship starts with love and dreams of a better future .When the relationship grows older,many thing that start to change most especially when you have kids or when you both have a lot of responsibilities in your lives. The love that you had toward each other starts to fed away ,the time that you had for each other starts to become limited .The worst part is becoming violence and jealousy in the relationship hence to continuous fights.

There are many various types of fighting. Great couples never fight in fact if fighting is done right can improve your relationship. This can only work if you dont fight for over one issue many times.

Fighting leads to emotional honesty  which results into great sex and solving of the problems. Fighting sex is one of the greatest sex one can ever have because  it contains honesty,truth and tension.

However if this is done repeatedly , it becomes boring and ha-tic to your partner that is why a person needs stop fighting love spell and enjoy the good fights that you have between you and your partner.

How to spell stop fighting spell

When casting this spell you have to put in mind that your saving your self form a violence relationship and saving it at the same time. Make the fighting a good one which can help you to save your relationship not to destroy it. Requirements needed included:

  1. Spear
  2. Beads
  3. Your partners clothing
  4. White candle
  5. Back cloth
  6. The fighting tool that he or she has ever used to hit you


  • In your bed room put the spear in the left corner
  • Light the candles around the room
  • Reap your partners clothing and the beads
  • Put them in the back cloth
  • place the back cloth on the fighting tool

Say your words what you want to use to stop your lover form fighting with you.Place the fighting tool and the back cloth in running water.


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