Spiritual love food

Spiritual love food

Spiritual love food from all the ancient days till know. Food is known as the best way to a persons heart . Food brings happiness to the body ,spirt and the mind food reaches every part of the of the body. It generates happiness from the in and out . In the African communities when the girl is going into marriage the elders make sure to teach the girl that targets on reaching to the woman’s heart. For example where I come from luwobo is mainly to target the persons heart .

.Previously this was mostly used by woman who want to have own control their lovers love . This makes their lovers to only be committed,faithful along with unconditional love with ever lasting love forever. Which keeps them with each other forever with everlasting love by creating un breakable bond of love.

Sometimes people just problems and situations and boil over like milk that is why you need to keep milk warm no mater the reason dont over heat the food. If you want to get someones heart or solve any problem by just the use of one food served to you loved one or at the targeted person. Let food only be for eating but also

How to cast spiritual love food

Here you need to have to cook the food. That your going to give to a person by your self followed by the ritual due to your intentions. Then say the following words

I( your name) as i am cooking this food i want it to create un breakable bond between me and my lover( say his or her name). And this food inside our bodies should be the barrier to prevent anything that will separate us or break our love . The food has to be without salt it can be a snack or any type of food.

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