Spell of one love

Spell of one love

Spell of one love is the spell that is mostly done in Africa and Asia because it works and it does not need much powers to use it. And it works any time when you apply it and need help to bring back your lover in hours , fix broken marriage ,find new love , stop ex from following you ,commitment ,marriage and so many things . In this life no body needs or wants to share his or her love with someone else . All humans are jealousy and it is very normal to be jealousy. Because no body in this world want to share his or her partners love with some body else.

In the Islamic religion a man can marry more than three wives. But he needs to follow the rules that are put to do such . Unfortunately some Muslim people don’t follow them. And just take the first thing that a man is allowed marrying four wives hence forgetting and following the rules. This spell is mainly casted by people who don’t want to share their partners love with any one else mostly in Africa and Asia. Because men do marry a lot so this was originated to help woman to have control of their husbands.

The spell one love

For this spell it protects your lovers love for only you. You only without even sharing a little bit of it . In the above paragraph I mentioned the women. Also but it also works for men as it is only to protect yourself from experiencing being betrayed in love , cheating on, having a co wife. Or husband or preventing to be dumped just without any strong reason from your lover. There are lots of reasons why we all need to protect your lovers love to be only to yours .

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